Socks - A random collection things longed for and forgotten.

Okay - I have found my socks in the freezer on occasion. BUTT - I do suffer from hot feet  :)

Tender Foot - I am the worst tender foot in the history of man - or woman. Now there is a thought - who came first? Anyway. I cannot walk on grass in my bare feet - it hurts. I can do carpet - unless there is a frozen pea stuck in there somewhere. This explains why all my socks have holes in them - I wear them whether or not I have shoes on. It takes me a whole summer to get used to wearing moccasins - very healthy for the feet but painful for me. On the other hand - I can walk barefoot on ice and snow quite comfortably. Go figure :)

Washing Clothes -  Why is it so bad to have a little color in your white clothes? First of all - the only white things I wear are socks. If the color of my socks bothers you - get off your knees and look at something else. Also, the bottoms of my white socks are all stained by mud and grass anyway. It seems to make a lot more sense to me to throw it all in together and git er done in one big load. Saves money, time, and frustration. I am, supposedly, color blind - so I always look good when I step up to the mirror anyway :)

The chicken or the egg ??? - Interesting - but who cares. Now, who came first - Man or Woman ??? That is the question. And I am sure I will have an answer soon. I am open to ideas :)

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