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Today's Topic  -  Cubicle Cuties - Outhouse Out Takes !

"Pottie Poets" arise. Too long have your witty sayings and philosophies languished only in the lavatory. It is time to come out of the closet :)

I have found a few gems in my time and I now solicit you, the public, to share some of your own.

Do the ladies practice this form of communication as well ? Since I usually frequent men's facilities, I must profess a huge ignorance of the feminine side of outhouse out-takes.

I have started the ball rolling with a couple of my favourites and would love to add some of yours.

Grab a coffee and browse through some Soap Box Snippets !

Today's Topic  -  Cubicle Cuties - Outhouse Out Takes :)
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Here I sit, broken hearted
Paid a dime, and only farted.
Yesterday I took a chance,
Saved ten cents, and crapped my pants.
I seen you take that shit - now put it back ... (my favourite) Bill - Calgary
Constipated ? - Do like the plugged up mathematician - he worked it out with a pencil :) Bill
Stand closer - it's shorter than you think! Bill - Winnipeg
If you can read this - you are probably peeing on the floor.
           (written high on back of side wall of urinal)



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