The Falcon Experience 

The sun sets on my Falcon Experience

Why "The Falcon Experience?" you ask!!!

As we travel through life we come across people/places/experiences that have a huge impact on us - an impact that will remain with us until we reach the end of the road. (Not the South Shore road dumbass! I am talking about the long road of life.)

Falcon Lake is a very important part of my life. Wonderful people, fantastic scenery, amazing nature, a tremendous work experience, and a home that will live forever in my heart.

I realized something very important as I was reflecting on my time living in Falcon Lake. I know - a bald head in the sun always does a lot of reflecting - but I am going deeper than that. I realized that I remember my life as major events that were important to me. The very early years growing up on Furby Street in Winnipeg, floating through High School in Belleville, drooling my way through university in Waterloo, meeting my ex in Thompson, raising our kids in Winnipeg, and, working with Barb & Craig & friends at Falcon Trails Resort in Falcon Lake.

Our Deck - and some of the local wildlife

Marita and I lived in the manager's residence while at the Trails. We had the most amazing deck for BBQ'ing, picture taking, relaxing, and feeding the wildlife - not to mention entertaining my favourite gals :)

Granted, some of the wildlife was more demanding. The two on the right, for example, demanded their food be BBQ'd and were not at all interested in the sunflower seeds the birds and squirrels loved.

Being of a very generous nature - I accommodated them as best I could :)

The following pictures are all taken on our deck.

The Bird Feeder


Left - I become the Batman of Falcon. This fella got trapped inside the Welcome Center and eventually dropped to the floor starving and dehydrated. Being of a good nature, I sacrificed several of our precious mosquito population to bring him back to health. Here he is taking some water after his first meal in days.

Below left - Mr. Red Squirrel - king of the feeder during the day. Cute as a button but can they ever bite. Not an experience I choose to repeat. The Flying squirrels (see musician profiles) are much nicer to play with.

Below Right - Mr Chipmunk. Now these guys are cute and funny. Unfortunately, they do not hang around with the Red Squirrels (very smart critters). Once in a while we see one on the deck. This one just robbed the bird feeder.


Right - The fisher, a very rare visitor to our feeder. How rare are they Bill? - So rare I am not even sure if it is a fisher, a martin, or a rat on steroids. Cute as a button but not one you want biting your hand. He chewed through the frozen suet like it was peanut butter.

Below Left - A gross beak - so named because of the terrible language they use in the evenings when you are trying to relax on the deck. There are several different kinds around the deck - but they are all gross.

Below Right - Mr Grouse - a totally weird member of the nature world. I believe survival of the dumbest applies in his case. I did, however, learn how to field strip one. I think it is much easier if they are already dead though.


A Tree Frog ?

Okay - this is a tree frog. BUTT - he has decided to move down in life and live in Marita's sailboat - specifically the keel slot.

I actually met him at High Lake. He planted himself on the hood of the Kabota and rode back to the lodge with me. I believe he was an outcast - too dumb to know what a tree is. Anyway, once back at the lodge Barb told me to put him in a tree where he would be happy. The next day - he took up residence in the boat.

He decided to leave when I started wondering out loud what BBQ'd frog would taste like compared the hamburgers I was grilling. Either that or the red squirrels got him.


A Luna Moth


I had never seen one of these before. They are very pretty - not what you would expect for a moth.

I know absolutely nothing about them so I am not sure how long I will be able to run off at the mouth here. Maybe I can pretend I am a Hockey Night in Canada commentator. Where did they find these guys ??? They sound like old baseball commentators.

I fully understand why baseball has commentators who spew forth statistics. It keeps you occupied while you are waiting for something to happen in the game. "Yes folks, the last time Charlie Four Fingers pulled his baseball that low was in a game against the Boston Boohoo's on July 4th, 1937. He was fielding a long ball hit by - Ohhh - Gerbowsky just hit a home run and has managed to stretch it into a triple - jolly good "

BUTT Hockey ??? I really don't want to listen to a panel of guys discussing the color of skates Marcel de Hockee was wearing when he scored the overtime winner against the Miami MooMoo's in the 2003 finals. In case they haven't noticed. The action never stops in hockey. I don't like the game being stopped for commercials and panel discussions. Unless it is Don Cherry of course. I like Don :))

And Lastly - Feeding The Fox

One of the best things about Falcon was feeding the local wildlife.

This is the Falcon Lake Vampire Fox - a very vicious and rare animal. They have been known to take down and eat a full grown man in one sitting.

However, myself and a couple of brave and hardy souls could not resist the temptation to lure one in for a feeding in order to get some photos.

Note the huge teeth and the very friendly but misleading face. Beware my friend if you ever meet one in real life. They are fast and mean ...

You will note, in the last frame, I am in my sock feet. The socks had been socked in a strong garlic solution to prevent what could have been a deadly attack. I could not risk covering up the garlic essence with shoes.

Even though I feared for life and limb - it was worth the risk in the end - well ... except for the part where he stole my sandwich.


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