Embarrassing Moments - Ya gotta love 'em  ...  Not your own of course :)

Where'd he come from? ...

Many years ago - we were out for dinner at a very nice restaurant in Winnipeg. I ate like a pig and eventually hit the can to have a whiz. The washroom was empty - just me hanging out at the urinal relieving the pressure.

As I was standing there - I felt a tremendous build up of gas coming. Seeing as I was all alone - I decided to let her rip. It was a grand one - a real bum flapper. I was just feeling very happy with myself when I heard this little voice behind me go "eeeeewwwwwwwww!!!".

I don't know where this kid came from - but his face was right at ground zero. He ran out the door yelling "mommy mommy". I felt a little awkward leaving the washroom and heading back to my table. Now I carry a mirror in my pocket to do a back door check before rolling one out at the urinal :)

Would you like tomato sauce with that? ...

The year was 1969 (I think). I had just landed in Thompson and hooked up with a bunch teachers - real party animals :) I was invited over for supper by 5 young ladies who were rooming together. We were doing spaghetti and meat balls.

I sat on the couch arm at one corner of the table and proceeded to impress them with my witty banter and dashing good looks. However - in the process of cutting a meatball - my plate got over-balanced on the table edge and flipped upside down into my lap.

Awkward .....

One lady asked me if I would like tomato sauce with that - bless her - it broke the tension and opened the door for several more comments - at my expense :)

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