Diamonds & Coal

I have a sad story for you today. It's okay - you don't have to stay. I know you have enough sadness in your life already. Actually - maybe you should tell me about your sad story instead. Go ahead - vent away - I am listening ....  okay - now it is my turn.

The other day was the day one only wishes on someone they are really pissed at. WHY- you ask? I'll tell you.

I had the day beautifully planned. Be in Falcon by 10:00am - deliver the program I just finished writing - get my oil changed - try out the new restaurant in the Chalet - then off to Elma to meet another web client re some changes to his web site - then home for a cold beer and a movie.

I hit the floor running at 7:30 am. This is a heroic feat for a free lance computer guy who rarely sees the light before noon. Loaded everything into the car - had packed the night before. Then, realizing I needed gas for me and the car, I decided to hit Costco and Timmy's on Regent.

First piece of coal ... I hit every red light between my home in the north west and Transcona. Being of cool mind - I wrote it off as a challenge at keeping my kool.

Second piece of coal ... Got to Costco at 8:00, they did not open until 9:00. Still kool but a little frustrated.

Third piece of coal ... As I was pulling back onto Regent - a prairie train came rolling out nowhere and crossed Regent with me on the wrong side of the tracks. What is a "prairie train" you ask ?  They have a minimum of 150 cars and are not allowed to travel faster than 3 KM per hour. You can actually graffiti a whole car and only take about 4 steps in the process. Still kool but getting decidedly warmer.

Fourth piece of coal ... by the time the train passed I totally forgot to stop at Timmy's and grab a coffee.

Fifth piece of coal ... This is unbelievable. I headed out of Transcona down to Dugald Road and another prairie train appeared out of nowhere - with me on the wrong side of the tracks again. No longer kool. I decided I want to kill someone or go back home. But I knew - if I turned around I would hit a third train and I could not handle that. So I decided to just take a few years off my life and sit there stewing.

After that - had a nice drive to Falcon and I installed my program. Gassed me and the car up at Deacon's Corner.

Sixth piece of coal ... I made a last minute change to improve a display and in the process buggered the thing up. Went to fix it and - MY BATTERY DIED - no problem except for the first time in my life I decided I did not need my charger and left it at home.

Oh well - at least I can get my oil changed.

Seventh piece of coal ... I had the wrong oil filter so no oil change.

Turns out the Doc was in Falcon so decided to have him check a sore on my face that would not heal.

Eighth piece of coal ... he thinks I probably have cancer. Do I lose my kool? No - by now I am glad to still be alive.

So I decided to head to my Elma appointment early since it was 2:00 and I had nothing left to do.

Ninth piece of coal ... got to Elma and there was no one home. They expected me at 6:00 and they were still out canoeing.

I gave up and went home.

NOW - I told you all of that so I could tell you about the good stuff that happened. And here I thank Brian Tracy and his Phoenix Seminar - best gift my ex ever gave me - taught me how to look at the gift of life.

The first diamond ... I have to go back to see the doctor in one week so I can rectify all the other stuff that did not happen. Will definitely not go through Transcona.

The second diamond ... I realized that potentially having cancer really does not bother me that much. They may be able to cut it all out right away. If not - I have had a very full and rich life and I will use the time left as wisely as possible.

The third diamond ... I have realized that It is time to start getting my affairs in order - and I am looking forward to doing that.

The fourth diamond ... I am going to do my bucket list and start working through it. There are so many neat things I want to do and I have been putting them off for too long.

The fifth diamond ... I now keep lots of cold beer and The Captain in my fridge.

#  #  #  #   #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

SO - what does it all mean ????

9 pieces of coal versus 5 diamonds. Butt - 1 diamond outweighs 3 pieces of coal so the actual score is 15 to 9 in favour of the diamonds.



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