Believe - And you shall be saved.

I truly believe this ... I do !!!  Just ask me :). The real question is what are you being saved from.   I  may interpret that a little different than say ... religion ... does.

Will you be saved from hell,   or granted a life-long membership to heaven,    Nirvana,  or the 99 virgins?  Okay - 99 virgins  could be hell for me right there:))

Well, the answer is really quite simple. I have put a lot of thought into this.  Yes - there is not much happening in my life so I have to do something to keep the old brain lubricated.

My conclusions are based on one simple fact ... I have never talked to anyone who has died and come back with any kind of logical explanation about what happens when we shuffle off this garlic coil.  I have heard these folks  do exist ... but the "White Light" is not a lot to hang your hat on.  I can get that by drinking too much beer and staring at a street light until me eyes hurt.

Okay - this is where I get serious my friends.

What you are being saved from is "the stress of the unknown".

 Suppose you go through your life believing that you are going to ascend to heaven. That is nice. Suppose that you believe that you will go to the desert oasis in the sky and live with the 99 virgins. That is nice too. (I think)

Butt - suppose you pass on and .... nothing happens?   Or you become a tenor in an off key choir?  Or  you become doggy treats on an alien world?  You can not possible know for sure. So what do you do!

You Believe Whatever makes the most sense to you !!!

How can this possibly save you?  Easy.  You are saved from the stress of worrying about something that you have no control over or pre-knowledge of.  You are free to enjoy the life you have now  and deal with the next step when you get there.

...  you can live free of  "The Big Guilt Trip" ...

The hard part is figuring what makes the most sense to you.  No one can do that for you. You must come up with your own conclusions.  It is kind of like parenting - everyone has theories ... most of them will not pertain to you.  Believe none, but learn from all.

I do believe in God and I do believe in Religion as a good "user guide" for life. I do not expect you to believe what I believe ... just believe in something.

That was easy - wasn't it :))

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