Investing - The Stock Market Tamed

Okay, some of you know I recently bought into the stock market and some have asked yourselves - WHY???  -  I could bet on a dropped brick falling to earth - and lose.

Well - I had to test my power of negative gambling on the big field so I invested (a very small amt)  in a Canadian index fund.

Not only did this fund immediately plummet but the rest of the world stock market followed it down like a bunch of kids on a toboggan.

THIS IS REAL POWER - if I can think of some way to actually make money instead of lose it.

And I have thunked of a way.  -  BONUS - I can bring all my friends along with me.


Here is what we will do. 

  • I will invest

  • The market will plummet

  •  You guys all buy in while it is down

  •  I sell

  •  The world market screams back up

  • AND -  you all make a killing.


How does that help me you ask ????

You all pay me a small portion of your new found wealth - say 1% - plus of course the 10% for having such a brilliant idea. We all win:))

Now - it is the stock market.  One can not predict with absolute certainty.

I would require my 11% irregardless of market performance.  But I am 99% sure you would all do very well ...



Please Note ...

I am no longer offering my "Free Trip To Disneyland" bonus  if you join my "See the world" club. Too many people found the $10,000.00 annual fee a bit too hard to handle. I may open it up again once we all make a killing on the stock market.

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